Google stops offering Google Apps for free to focus more on providing a good experience and full support to paid ones

Google has announced a significant decision that will see it cease allowing users to sign up to its Google Apps service free of charge. In a blog post, Clay Bavor, director of product management for Google Apps, explains that the move is being made in order to focus the quality of the user experience on the needs of paying, business users, with fuller support. However, those that have already signed up for the service for free will still be able to use it as before.

Google is building its own quantum computer chip

Google is a curious web search company with its hand in everything from Android Wear smart watches to robots. Now, Mountain View has set its sights on quantum computing. Hartmut Neven, director of engineering from Google's Quantum Artificial Intelligence team, announced the lab is launching a hardware initiative to build new quantum computing processors using superconductors. As part of the new hardware initiative Google will be teaming up with John Martinis and other UC Santa Barbara researchers. Together the two research groups will seek to create new designs for better-optimized quantum computer and inference processors.

Dyson reveals 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner

Dyson has finally lifted the lid on its new robot vacuum cleaner. It's called the Dyson 360 Eye and it so-say sucks harder than any other autonomous hoover. The 360 Eye uses a similar digital motor to the one found in some of Dyson's other products, and separates dust and debris using the company's cyclone technology.
Robot vacuum cleaners use cameras to track where they are in your home and learn your layout to ensure they clean every floor surface, and the Dyson 360 Eye is no different.